A Practical Course in Biology by W. Belfield, M. Dearden and G. L. Watt (Auth.) PDF

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By W. Belfield, M. Dearden and G. L. Watt (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080161057

ISBN-13: 9780080161051

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Now on another pair of leaves arrange one in a flask as illustrated in Fig. 3b. Using another pair of leaves as a control arrange one of the pair in a similar flask which contains water instead of caustic soda. Leave the plant in good illumination for 5 or 6 hours and then test for starch in the four leaves in the usual way. Exercise showing that oxygen is produced during photosynthesis Method. Arrange a water plant in the apparatus as illustrated in Fig. 4. When half of the tube is full of gas, remove the tube and test for oxygen by means of a glowing splint.

Take the temperature of the water in the beaker. Remove the crucible and put 10 g of cane sugar into it. Set fire to the sugar and immediately place the crucible onto the wooden block below the beaker. When the sugar stops burning, take the temperature of the water in the beaker again and note any rise. Repeat the experiment but use 10 g of butter or some other fat in the crucible. This exercise is open to many criticisms and these should form an integral part of your, account as always. The correct way to carry out this exercise is, however, by the use of a "bomb calorimeter" or some other such instrument if available.

Note again the length after 5 minutes. 29 A PRACTICAL COURSE IN BIOLOGY NUTRITION Food tests The following tests should be tried on as large a range of food materials as possible. Tests for carbohydrates (i) All carbohydrates (Molisch's test) Add a few drops of alcoholic solution of a-naphthol (p. 162) to a little of the substance being tested in solution in a test-tube. Carefully pour cone, sulphuric acid down the side of the tube. A purple ring appears where the two liquids meet. g. glucose (grape sugar),fructose(fruit sugar) Fehling's test Make a solution or suspension of the substance being tested.

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