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By Kumar Bendre

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41. Various types of placentation. A. Marginal, B. Axile, C. Parietal, D. Free-central, E. Basal, F. Superficial. 6. Basal. , Sonchus (Fig. 41E). 7. Superficial. , Water lily (Fig. 41F). [VII] Disc Note if disc is present or absent below the ovary. [VIII] Style Style. More or less elongated part of gynoecium between the ovary and the stigma. Alternative Thrms Number of styles and their length is given . 1YJ>e of style whether terminal! lateral! gynobasicl stylopodium. Meaning of Alternative Thrms 1.

3. Inferior. , Coriandrum, Mussaenda, Cucurbita, Guava (Fig. 39). COMPOUND GYNOECIUM APOCARPOUS GYNOECIUM [IV] Number of Locules Fig. 38. Types of gynoecium. Locule. Chamber or compartment of ovary. (a) Bicarpel/o,ry. , Fumaria. (b) Tricarpel/o,ry. , Stellaria. (c) Tetracarpel/o,ry. , Datura. (d) Pentacarpel/o,ry. , Melia. (e) Multicarpel/o,ry. , Papaver. [II] Cohesion of Carpels Alternative Terms Apocarpous/ Syncarpous. Meaning of Alternative Thrms 1. Apocarpous. , Clematis (Fig. 38). SUPERIOR Alternative Thrms Find out if it is uni-/ Bi-/ Tri-/ Tetra-/ Penta-/ Multilocular .

Mucronate. , Leaflet of Cassia obtusifolia (Fig. 18). 10. Cirrhose. , Gloriosa (Fig. 18). 11. Apiculate. , Dalbergia (Fig. 18). [IX] Leaf Surfaces Alternative Terms Glabrous/ Rough/ Glutinous/ Glaucous/ Spiny/ Hairy-if hairy whether Pubescent/ Puberulous Tomentose/ Villous/ Velutinous/ Wooly/ Pilose/ Scabrous/ Hispid/ Stellate/ Hirsute/ Strigose/ Sericeous. Meaning of Alternative Terms 1. Glabrous. , China rose. 2. Rough. , Petrea. 3. Glutinous. , Tobacco. 4.. Glaucous. , Clint I' . O>. ; ""'~~~"'" ~~~"-'< :::(y/-, --~~~ Fig.

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