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By J. Swindal

ISBN-10: 0230355463

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Because the pioneering paintings of Donald Davidson on motion, many philosophers have taken serious stances on his causal account. This e-book criticizes Davidson's event-causal view of motion, and gives as an alternative an agent causal view either to explain what an motion is and to set a framework for the way activities are defined.

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It would be desirable if we could isolate an exhaustive set of criteria for action. Unfortunately such a project would undoubtedly fail, since philosophers have approached the topic of action from quite disparate starting points. Within these accounts, however, one can examine various ways in which the bodily, causal, desiderative, and rational criteria of action have been formulated. To limit the otherwise unwieldy number of accounts to consult, I shall focus only on two very broad traditions of analysis of action: the Aristotelian-scholastic, and the German idealist.

When a constative claim is problematized, the holder of it must provide for other participants in a theoretical discourse the experiential source from which it draws the claim about the given state of affairs in question. Practical, moral and political discourses, particularly the latter two, deal with regulative claims. Ethical, aesthetic, and therapeutic discourses redeem aesthetic claims. All of the specialized discourses, such as discourse ethics, typically implicate the full range of validity claims and discursive logics.

Such an approach can resolve some of the epistemic and normative inconsistencies manifest in some of the problems raised in the last chapter about neo-pragmatic action theory. Dialectics is, in its broadest definition, an analysis of movement, growth, stasis, or change. It has taken many forms in the history of philosophy. In Plato and Aristotle, it was primarily a way of forming critical questions about a topic either in a formal treatise or in a pedagogical setting. In medieval thinking, it was a formalized method of 30 Methodology: Reconstructive Dialectics 31 breaking topics into their component parts.

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