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By V. A. Krassilov

ISBN-10: 9546420166

ISBN-13: 9789546420169

This article includes a description of the morphological grades and their linking varieties; a dialogue of seed plant evolution; an summary of early angiosperms and their environments; and a n research of morphological tendencies in separate organs and their implications for angiosperm phylogeny.

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T h e shoots are d i m o r p h i c heteroblastic. T h e lower leaves are scaly, the foliage leaves are lauroid, entire or lobed, b o r n e in d e c u s s a t e pairs, but pinnately spread in one plane, basally c o n n a t e and decurrent, with areolate venation as in typical angiosperms. T h e vascular system consists of axial and cortical b u n d l e s , with the leaf traces departing from a half of the axial bundles at each n o d e and e x t e n d i n g through t w o internodes. T h e foliage leaves are supplied with 3-5 traces forming 5-11 separate bundles that run paral­ lel in the midrib sequentially diverging as lateral veins (Rodin, 1966).

7. Irania, a Jurassic proangiosperm: reconstruction of a fertile short shoot bearing a central gyno­ clade and peripheral androclades, and part of the gynoclade with bivalved cupules (modified from Schweitzer, 1977). Baisia Krassilov in Krassilov & B u g d a e v a , 1982; Baisian A s s e m b l a g e , Early C r e t a c e o u s of Transbaikalia (Plates 5-7). The genus comprises dispersed cupulate ovules that are apical on a short rounded-tri­ angular receptacle that is persistent in disseminules, and is bearing and is m i n u t e bracts and tufts of long bristles (Fig.

T h e pollen grains are sulcate or m o n o p o r a t e , with a distal papilla, rarely inaperturate (Agathis), occasionally with a triradiate scar and prepollen-like (Cranwell, 1961). T h e pollen wall infrastructure is typically alveolar in the saccate forms, granular in the asaccate and some protosaccate forms (Zavada, 1985), occasionally with irregular c o l u m e l l a e (Klaus, 1979). T h e seed c o n e s are terminal or lateral on branches of different orders, occasion­ ally proliferating, usually solitary, but s o m e t i m e s gathered, like pollen c o n e s , in inflo­ rescence-like aggregates.

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